Michaela is now 13 years old! Only 5 more years and my first baby will graduate high school-what a scary thought! What's scarier is that she'll be driving in 3!!! She is absolutely a teenager-she needs to fix her hair every day, takes an hour to apply her make-up (0f which she must do even if she isn't leaving the house and nobody is coming over!) and she needs to sleep about 12 hours on the weekends! Some of her favorite things to do are to watch reality shows with Mom, go swimming, and she's now reading the Twilight series-a far cry from the Left Behind series she was reading before!!! She loves to read! Most times she enjoys playing with Johnathan and helping Mom out with Cassandra and jobs around the house. Most times.

Michaela is officially a teeniebopper! Is she a teenager or what?!