DuWayne works at Regis Corporation in Edina, MN where he is the Sr. DBA(Database Administrator).

What does DuWayne enjoy doing when he's not working-still playing on his computer, of course. He'd be lost if he didn't have his computer at his finger tips. If he's not working, then he's out flying his airplanes-on the computer! He has now discovered a new computer hobby-trains! He and JD spend hours driving Thomas the Tank Engine on the computer! What will he come up with next! It is great father/son bonding time!

Regis sent DuWayne on a job to Quebec, Montreal where he met up with Stephan, one of the guys that flies on his UPS virtual airline website who happens to work in the control tower at the airport. He gave DuWayne a personal tour. What other shirt would he possibly wear???
DuWayne was very excited to receive his very own UPS wings! If he could, he'd have his own plane, truck, semi, and racing car! Here are the wings up close.