Dottie's Grandpa-Fritz' Dad

Fritz-Dottie's Dad

135 pounds

Jewels-Dottie's Mom

120 pounds


Dottie The Rottie at just 4 weeks old

Dottie Comes Home 5-20-2010


Didn't you always want to have a pet teddy bear?


Dottie The Rottie at just 8 weeks old

My two babies playing together-Cassandra Lynn and Dottie The Rottie (This picture was published in the June 2010 issue of The Rottweiler Magazine where my first article was published!)

Robin with her new Rottweiler puppy Dottie The Rottie

  Dottie at 7 1/2 months-her first time in the snow! She watched as Michaela scooped off 8 inches off our deck and wanted to go out and play!